Sunday, July 27, 2008


I dont think i could even begin to write out all the things that happened and how i felt about them over the past 2 months, its just to much to put out there and i wouldnt do it justice, but im home and im happy with the trip. return home show august 1st at the java lounge.

its weird to sleep in a bed again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This & that

things have been good, had a week of really long drives and not enough shows. everyone got really sick of the van at that point but since missoula everything has been fun and its good to be back on the west coast. spokane was really fun, great seeing rhea again, plus pets played so that was a nice bit of sacto to hang out with. they will be with us again tomorrow.

seattle is not a place im to big on, ive only been once before but i think this time around will not be that great, the last time was okay but still not great. as far as washington goes i like spokane best for some reason.

the rest of the tour should be really fun portland and those guys there should be alot of fun as usuall but at the same time were so close to home it wouldnt be so bad to just be home

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Running on reserves

We past the point of traveling east a couple days ago, from now on we travel west back home. kind of a weird feeling we only have around 20 days left and we've done over 30. been meeting some pretty nice people so far, along with the given assholes. but for the most part its been a good.

We've had the chance to do some pretty fun stuff to like go to the gibson factory in memphis thanks to the sounds guy at the pub boats played, and just yesterday we went to the rock and roll hall of fame, which to be honest was just a giant hard rock cafe for the most part. but its free for touring bands so it was all good. even got to go on johnny cash's tour bus. so fancy in there! tons of good pics most are on flickr. as far as shows they've been hit or miss. broklyn was terrible litterly made no money at all at a very busy show. but some house shows have been great for us. 4th of july was a blaste, spent it in boston at a basement show. though the 5th of july was a terrible terrible show. fireworks thrown around in a small ass basement while boats played. pretty redick night. but things are looking up and it should be a fun treck back home.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Im Stressing!

im almost freaking out over my somewhat shitty luck on this tour. so far my computer has cracked a small piece off, ive lost my wallet with everything in it. and my laptop battery has really poor life now, but the shows have gone up as far as money and how fun they are. i was even social today! which for this tour is something new so far. but whatever im really bummed right now but ill feel better later on, im just stressing havnig no money right now.
I'm never in the mood to write in this anymore, so most likely ill only post pictures with few words. enless i get the random urge to write. but i will say this, the guy next to me has the grossest feet ever.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

hunting WiFi

I haven't updated much because this is the first time I've had internet since the first night at cassie's house in Oakland. we are here in long beach at barry's house now. real nice guy! met him once before on a STS tour. the shows havent been so hot unfortunatly, awkward crowds and d-bag bar workers have made it an odd tour. But i have a good feeling about tonight, i think its gonna really pick up from here. tonight has a good line up at a good veneu in hollywood and if nothing else maybe we will get a place to sleep other than the van. we also spent alot of time at Bobby's house! super nice parents and girlfreind and a nice little house in the island that is alameda, me and jeff got some nice coffee at a sweet little cafe right next to a nursery. but with nohting else to really say at the moment i leave you with some fun pics ive taken so far.

last but not least, Bobby.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Was it an earth quake or was someone at the door?

So far so good, though the stork club show was not as well as one would hope, we only made 6.25 off the door. but we made it up in merch money. were staying with a friend of Jeffs, who isnt here here! but shes nice, from iceland i think. could be wrong i just remember her saying she might have to move to iceland, and wanted to be a fairy for them or something. the house were staying in is pretty old. its nice even has velvet on the wall paper and push buttons for lights instead of switchs. as for pictures, i probably wont post anything till a little later just cuz i dont have an outlet or a good internet connection. but thats okay cuz there wasnt a whole lot to post anyways. Tonight is another Oakland show, at the hazmat this time around so it should be better than last night. im also really glad i bought this DS, just from the drive here and last night when i couldnt sleep, it came in so handy! as seen here:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cyber crap

We leave Thursday for Oakland, and I'm still getting my stuff together, just today finished up my packing of clothes and now for the hard part. my computer/camera gear. its mostly making sure i have the right chargers and cables for what i bring. oh and as i type this I'm backing up my entire hard drive to an external just to be safe, but with all the cyber crap i collect its taking some time to transfer everything to the other drive. The kick off show was a great time, plenty of people showed up and said there hello and goodbyes, not sure on how much money they made but i can say with some certainty that it was a decent amount.

Well thats all for now, cant wait to get out there and get this nervous feeling over with. I'll update thursday night with how the show went and maybe a couple pictures, till then!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Closing in

Tour is getting closer and closer were only a couple week away at this point, trying to make sure I've got everything in order before i leave. at this point its just seeing people before i go and packing. I'm not stressing money, i haven't got a lot but its enough. i only wish i could have bought a nicer camera before leaving but the job i was supposed to get before tour is now gonna be after. which I'm fine with. there also talk of me and Amanda moving in with a Friend Matt Costa. so the money would be better put towards that. but ill have to see where things stand when i get back in august. hopefully i can get this more publicly known, its always nice to know someone is reading, though if no one reads this i will still try and write in it everyday over the tour. but till then ill try and update just before we leave for the trip June 5th

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Starting point

So this will be my place to write while on tour with BOATS! over the 2 month US tour, which kicks off in june just after my 20th birthday. Happy birthday to me right? well with any luck i'll get the chance once a day to post thoughts updates and maybe a few pictures. check back in for more when things get closer to the tour.